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Cybex Sets the Benchmark for Eco-Friendly Exercise Equipment Manufacturing

Environmental protection is not just another buzzword. At Cybex International, we do more than talk about the importance of protecting the world we live in … we transform words into action. Our devotion to manufacturing excellence recognizes not only the value our customers place on premium quality, but their environmental values as well.

Greener Energy Efficiency

Cybex incorporates greener energy-efficient practices to help safeguard against excessive natural resource consumption. For instance, the entire paint system (a $3.5 million dollar state-of-the-art powder paint electrostatic system) uses energy efficient motors and keeps paint proportionately distributed with less waste. Moreover, robotic weld cells and tube lasers ensure energy cost-savings. Coupled with advanced building design and heavy duty insulation, energy costs are cut by as much as 25%, costs that ultimately result in savings to our customers and to our environment.

Re-use, Recycling & Disposal Procedures

Re-use and recycle are the axiom of environmentally conscious companies. Cybex has gone one step further—eco-friendlier disposal. Our water recycling system filters and re-uses water in the paint process several times over, dramatically reducing wastewater. All runoff is captured in two holding ponds and later used for watershed management, simultaneously reducing mercury pollution and greenhouse gases. Safely disposing of wastewater protects humans and wildlife and is important in environmental conservation.

Positive Impacts on Earth & Wildlife

At Cybex, we consider ourselves a member of the community—locally and globally. Acreage surrounding our facilities has been seeded to support wildlife and boost natural foliage and reflects our environmental sensitivity to current and future use of land.

Workforce Surroundings Benefit from Environmental Policies

The Cybex workforce has better surroundings as a result of our environmental standards. An abundance of windows reduces energy use by 10% while enriching the work environment with natural sunlight. State-of-the-art HID Holophane lighting with Super Glass dramatically reduces the number of light fixtures and means artificial light is used only when needed without sacrificing lighting levels needed for optimum employee performance. Customers benefit as productivity improves.

Recognition of Environmental Values

Cybex goals revolve around helping people get the most out of life through improving health and fitness of both body and mind. We believe that acting responsibly in conserving the environment is in concert with that mission and we assure that our manufacturing practices meet or exceed government standards. Cybex exercise products are made to create a healthier tomorrow - both for the users of our products and for the environment we all share.